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iphone 5c

Fix broken screen and home key with iFixit (1/6).

Fix broken screen and home key with iFixit (2/6).

Fix broken screen and home key with iFixit (3/6).

Fix broken screen and home key with iFixit (4/6).

Fix broken screen and home key with iFixit (5/6).

Fix broken screen and home key with iFixit (6/6).
Of course, I broke the new screen again within a year :(
Latest update (May 2017): I broke the third screen now! :D


AKG K701

I really love AKG K701. I've been using it for four and half years, until recently the left unit began to suffer from a bad connection. So I decide to fix it.
I have some experience with replacing the mini XLR connector on the K240s cable, so I think fixing K701 is not very hard for me.

The silver cover can be removed by turning it counter-clock wise with two screwdrivers.
It needs some force to unscrew it for the first time. Do it slowly.

Remove the plastic cover is tricky. Obviously, we need to remove the two screws. But there are also four plastic buckles that attach the cover to the earcup. As you can see, there are two omega-shaped buckles that connect the cover to the beam, and two hook-shaped buckles hidden beneath the left and right edge of the cover.
In my case, I could first untach the hook on the right side by pulling the right edge of the plastic cover upward (which needs some force, but not very hard, since the edge on the right side is much longer than the left side, it is more ``elastic''). Then, I could easily untach the two omega-shaped buckles from the beam by simply pulling them backward. But the hook on the left side was really tight.
The key to release this hook (and perhaps, to release both hooks) is to carefully pinch the plastic cover *inward* from the left and right side, at the place where the two hooks are, and then pull the plastic cover upward. This will release the hooks by leveraging the elasticity of plastic. Good luck and be very careful here.

The problem is clear: the white wire broke near its soldering joint.

I was using a Bernzomatic soldering torch here. It burns butane to heat the iron. Actually I prefer an electric soldering iron, but I don't have one.

I am not good at soldering. Working with such a narrow place was really hard for me. But I finally made it. It seems that most plastic parts near this soldering joint are made from some special hard plastic that is quite resistent to high temperature.
But I accidentally melted part of the wire holder which is made from soft plastic. Luckily, it can still hold the wire firmly, and I can still separate the wire from it.

I decided to ``free'' the white wire (it no longer wrapped beneath the pin to its right). This was the only way I found that allowed me to solder the wire easily.

Reinstall the plastic cap and the silver cover was easy.

Time to enjoy some music :)